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Printing Guide


Introduction to this document: This is a guide to help assist members of the Riveter connect to and troubleshoot printer usage. Since this document includes hyperlinks to various resources it is recommended to open this as a digital as opposed to a printed copy. It covers initial setup links, troubleshooting information, and links to additional resources for both Macintosh and Windows-based computers.

If a member has referenced this document and still has issues with printing please ask a member of the Riveter staff to escalate the issue.


PaperCut is the program that allows your computer to connect to a printer within the Riveter's Space. These steps must be complete prior to printing or it will not properly work.Additionally, re-running these steps may help if you’ve previously could connect to a printer but suddenly you cannot.

Initial Setup

  • To start, make sure you are connected to “TheRiveter” wireless network, passphrase is: BuiltByWomen4Everyone!

  • On the left side there’s a menu that shows the different options for your computer’s operating system, go ahead and select the one you are using.

  • Once you’ve clicked the link for your computer, it will bring up a helpful video that will walk you through each step of setting up Papercut.

  • Follow through each of those steps, and when prompted use the below information for your PaperCut. 
    • Username: Your Nexudus log in with the @ symbol replaced with a (.). ex.
    • Password: Your access pin code. Found under your plan information in The Riveter app. 


Instructions for Copying

At the printer

  • Enter Your Printer Pin in Numbers as the ID number

  • Once logged in you can choose to copy, scan, or view current printing credits.

  • Double-check settings in the Cope menu before copying. There is a difference in price for color vs. black and white copies.

  • To Scan, tap the Scanner button. It will auto-populate with your registered email address, and you can enter additional destinations here.

  • To check current printing credits, click on PaperCut MF.


If you find you are having troubles printing, please run through this brief list of common causes and see if they can resolve your situation. If you have gone through them and are still having issues please check in with Riveter staff and have them reach out to either Enetics helpdesk or Pacific Office Automation.

  • Are you connected to the correct wireless network as mention in the Initial Setup section? (You need to be connected to “TheRiveter” wireless network)
  • If you're on a Mac and PaperCut can't find the printers, try turning your wifi off and back on again.
  • If you aren’t connected wirelessly but are using a wired connection are you able to browse the internet at all? If yes, try to run through the Papercut setup again. If you can’t connect, please ask a Riveter staff member for assistance.
  • If you can’t connect to the PaperCut server, make sure that you are typing the full URL (including the port number)
  • Rebooting (restarting) will often help connection issues, especially with Windows-based computers. Reboot, reconnect to “TheRiveter” wireless and try again.
  • You may need to remove all "Riveter" printers and re-run PaperCut setup.
  • If a copier is jammed, out of toner, streaking on your pages then let a Riveter staff know so that they can contact Pacific Office Automation.