The Riveter WiFi

The Riveter provides crazy fast internet access as part of your membership package. Below are a few helpful tidbits:

Q: What kind of device can I connect?
A: Any personal device which is compatible with WiFi access and a modern Web Browser can log in. Dedicated Ethernet ports are available in our dedicated desk & offices for desktops for a small fee. "WiFi Routers" or hotspots are not allowed within the space.

Q: How fast is your network?
A: You can expect Speed Test to report over 100mbps, most of the time. Each site has redundant high-speed connections to separate networks, with the full speed available for upload as well as download. Radio signal interference, upstream internet congestion, or periods of elevated usage may cause latency to appear for some websites.

Q: What is my IP or Subnet? Can I get a Port Forward?
A: Private network details are automatic through DHCP - if you have a Static address configured, please disable it. Network Address Translation (NAT) is used for access to the internet using a shared Public IP address. Incoming connections from the internet are not allowed to preserve your privacy and security.
Q: How Private is my traffic? Do you sniff, modify, or block anything?
A: Privacy and security are extremely important to us, and we will never intercept, modify, or store your traffic. WPA2 encryption is used for our wireless networks, and our firewall protects against network-based malware. We provide "Net Neutral" access, and do not meter or track your activity. File-sharing services or attempted interference may be subject to Quality of Service limits, or removal from the network to protect all users.

Q: I have a special request!
A: Please ask a member of staff for the for assistance.