Marina Del Rey Parking

You can enter the building complex either through Mindanao Way or Glencoe Avenue (preferably). Our building is located in the back-end with large '4505' numbers. 

Members and guests can find ample parking on Glencoe Avenue or, if they choose to park inside, validate their parking valued at $16 per day or $2 every 15 minutes. 
We also offer monthly and daily passes for Members, Guests, and Visitors. 
  • Monthly parking valued at $125
  • Day parking valued at $16
  • No designated ADA spaces, please email with questions
Those who are visiting just for a tour are offered complimentary parking.  

Is there public transportation nearby?  Check out the Big Blue Bus on Glencoe and Mindanao.  
Using a Rideshare service?  They can pickup/drop off at The Riveter entrances by entering the secure gate with free access for 10 minutes.